Device Security Consultancy

Have you ever been in the need for guidance on fundamental choices related to your product's security? Our Device Security Consultancy services are exactly meant to address that need.

We are able to comfortably cover your product's security, from the hardware foundations, through critical software stacks, up to its security boundaries. Our expertise allows us to focus on the complexities of system-level security and on the challenging boundaries in between hardware and software.

Nonetheless, every product is different, with different uses and business cases. Therefore, we like to be dynamic and tailor our services to your needs. Feel free to contact us for any idea you may have. Rest assured you will get us carefully listening and ready to help.

Please contact us to discuss your needs!

Security Design/Architecture review

We review the design or architecture of your product (e.g. chip, device, software, etc.) using documentation and other information available to us.

We can perform a Security Design/Architecture Review before and after your product is finalized or integrated within another product.

Threat & Risk Analysis

Defining the threat model and security risks is one of the cornerstones for a secure product, to be ideally taken before any development starts.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise of the offensive playing field in order to create a realistic threat model and risk analysis.

Security Requirements Review

The creation of security requirements is a fundamental early step before proceeding to the design and implementation of a secure product.

We perform a Security Requirements Review in order to identify weakneses and points for improvement based on our extensive experience and expertise.

Using our services

Our services are designed to strengthen the security of a product in any state of its life cycle: from early inception up to its in-field release.

We use our experience, gained during decades of assessing strong security solutions, to review your product at the system and/or component level, typically in the context of a specific threat model. You don't have a threat model yet? Don't worry, we can help you with that too.

We are aware that establishing a correct threat model is a critical step for your product's security and should be performed before its design phase. Together with its security requirements, it significantly aids in securing your product during its lifetime.

We can also support you during the design and development phase of your product during which we put the spotlight on security critical areas that can be improved long before the product is released. This provides you the opportunity to adequately address potential security risks in a timely manner.

Finally, you may find our expertise and guidance useful during the preparation of a security certification. We are likely able to increase the chances for a successful certification which potentially translates into a shorter Time-To-Market for you product.

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