We offer multiple exciting trainings, or rather experiences, on interesting different topics related to the security of devices.

Our trainings are offered in three different standard formats as shown in the table below. They are available in private and in public. These standard formats can be adjusted on request.

Training Online (4 days) In-Person (3 days) In-Person (4 days)

Feel free to contact us for additional information.

In-Person vs Online

All our trainings mix the lectures and hands-on exercises into an exciting format that is driven by a jeopardy-style CTF. Our priority is to create a informative, exciting and friendly experience that can be enjoyed by anybody.

The In-Person format consists of 3 or 4 days of 8 hours. You will be provided with a VM, preloaded with all the required tooling, which is used to complete the exercises.

The Online format consists of 4 days of 4 hours. We believe having full-days is not desired for an online experience. You will get access to a cloud-based VM, preloaded with all the required tooling, which is accessible from your browser. The lectures will be given through Zoom and a Discord server is available for support. We will adjust the timing of the training according to your timezone.

Please contact us for questions!