Device Security Training

Raelize offers multiple exciting trainings on various interesting topics related to the security of devices. These experiences, as we like to call them, allow you to take the attacker's seat in order to explore the attack surface of modern devices. Our training includes hands-on exercises for which we leveraged our experience performing real-world attacks.

Breaking Secure Boot by Experience

Secure Boot is fundamental for assuring the authenticity of the trusted code base of secure devices. Recent attacks on Secure Boot, implemented by a wide variety of devices such as video game consoles and mobile phones, are a clear indicator that Secure Boot vulnerabilities are widespread.

Are you interested in learning and experiencing what it takes to break Secure Boot leveraging more than just software vulnerabilities?

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Breaking TEEs by Experience

It's notoriously hard to secure a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) due to the interaction between complex hardware and a large trusted code base (TCB). The security provided by a TEE has been broken on a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones, TVs and even autmotive vehicles.

Are you interested in learning and experiencing what it takes to break a modern TEE by more than just a straight forward buffer overflow?

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The Art of Fault Injection

Fault Injection (FI) attacks have became the weapon of choice for breaking into devices for which exploitable software vulnerabilities are unknown. Even though nowadays performed by many, it's not well understood by most. If you just glitch and hope for the best, than you do not exploit the full potential of FI.

Are you interested in experiencing the full potential of FI attacks from renowned experts who have been advancing the field for over a decade?

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DateOct 30, 2023

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DateNov 14-17, 2023

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DateFebruary, 2024
LocationAustin (USA)

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Training Format

Our trainings are offered in three different standard formats as shown in the table below.

Training Online (4 days) In-Person (3 days) In-Person (4 days)

They are available in private and in public. These standard formats can be adjusted according to your preferences.

All our trainings mix the lectures and hands-on exercises into an exciting format that is driven by a jeopardy-style CTF. Our priority is to create a informative, exciting and friendly experience that can be enjoyed by anybody.

The In-Person format consists of 3 or 4 days of 8 hours. You will be provided with a VM, preloaded with all the required tooling, which is used to complete the exercises.

The Online format consists of 4 days of 4 hours. We believe having full-days is not desired for an online experience. You will get access to a cloud-based VM, preloaded with all the required tooling, which is accessible from your browser. The lectures will be given through Zoom and a Discord server is available for support. We will adjust the timing of the training according to your timezone.

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